Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Junk Drawer Organizing Tips in Women’s Health Magazine

It’s all about junk drawer zen! I’ve been saying for years there is a link to healthy living and organizing. Looks like Women’s Health magazine has picked up on the trend.

I shared tips for the article, “The Odds and Ends of Junk Drawer Zen” in the May issue.

Plus my five steps to organize your junk drawer ran as a special online exclusive.

You Tube Video: Organizing Beauty Products

One of my favorite people from Cincinnati just so happens to be the Fox 19 morning news anchor, Kara Sewell. In her spare time (not sure how she does it all), she’s also a You Tube star.

Hence, my You Tube Premiere!

Kara wakes up at 2am to get dressed every morning, so I knew the organizing systems needed to be as simple as possible. She’s also a beauty product junkie so we had to make the most of the small space. The organizing wasn’t easy, but we definitely shared some laughs along the way.

Watch our You Tube video, and please subscribe to Kara’s You Tube page for weekly lifestyle videos.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

US in Palm Beach

2017 is a year of change for US, and I couldn’t be more excited.

In February, we relocated officially to Palm Beach, Florida, for my husband’s job. After a few years going back and forth between Cincinnati, Ohio, and New York City, it feels good to be settled in a place so beautiful and warm.

I’ve been busy getting settled over the last month and doing some business plotting. I’m looking forward to starting a full rebranding process for my business. Later this year, I hope to have a new logo, website, blog and branding concept that positions US in both the Palm Beach and New York City markets. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’re maintaining the New York City business. With organizers in the City every day, we'll continue to conquer New York City clutter. Personally, I will be in the City on a regular basis working with clients, taking new consultations, and growing the brand.

If you happen to know anyone in the Palm Beach area in need of organizing services, please keep US in mind. We’re here and ready to take on the Sunshine State!

Thank you for reading along. I'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Live Segment! Winter Gear Organizing on Fox 19

Instead of pondering how many days until summer, how about organizing all that winter gear like hats, gloves, scarves and snow boots.

Before you can get organized you first need to pull everything out of the closet. Sort items by type and by family member. You’ll also want to toss random gloves and outgrown items to clear the clutter.

Organizing Your Accessories
In season it’s important to store winter accessories so they can be easily accessed to get your family out the door as quickly as possible.
  • Bins – This solution tends to work best when organizing winter accessories for a family. Label bins for each family member to avoid mix up. The bins can be stored on closet shelves, under a bench or on shelves in an entryway or mudroom.
  • Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer – It’s not just for shoes anymore! Use the pockets in this organizer to store gloves, hats, and even scarves. If you have extra space, consider using the pockets for umbrellas, sunscreen and grocery tote bags. It’s a great spot to store anything you need when heading out door.
  • Umbrella Stand – Keep umbrellas from getting lost in the back of the closet with a slim stand that doesn’t take up too much space.

Organizing Your Boots
There’s nothing worse for your floors than snowy and salty boots. Consider these two options to keep it neat.
  • Trays – Sometimes the best place to let your winter boots dry out is on the floor of your mudroom or coat closet. Use a boot tray to capture the mess.
  • Boot Rack – If you have the space, a boot rack is another way to go.

Organizing Your Coats
Coats should be organized by family member so everyone can access them.
  • Clothing Rod Dividers – Use clothing rod dividers to keep coats separated by family member.
  • Command Hooks – Families with young children can use removable hooks on the walls or backs of closet doors to hang coats or even backpacks.
  • Hangers - Sturdy coat hangers make all the difference.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Let's. Do. This.

I think we can all agree that 2016 had some major UPs and some major downs. For US, being named to New York Magazine's Best of New York list was the highlight. We're still pinching ourselves over here! 

Looking to 2017, even bigger things are coming! We'll have more to share soon... Until then, thank you for your support and trust in US.

We wish you a happy, healthy and ORGANIZED year ahead. 


and the team at Urban Simplicity 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Live Segment! Gift Wrap Organizing on Fox 19

With the holidays in full swing and Christmas just three days away, chaos can start to set in. Wrapping paper is just one more thing strewn about the house, unless you’ve got a system in place to keep it organized.

Before you decide how you’d like to store your gift wrap, you first need to gather all the gift wrapping supplies around your home like paper, tags, boxes, bags, scissors, tape, ribbon, tissue paper and Sharpie markers.

Next, you want to consider how much space you have and how often you actually wrap gifts. If you only wrap gifts at the holidays a solution to store it out of the way is ideal.

Below are four creative solutions to keep your gift wrap organized. With one of these four solutions, you are sure to save time wrapping gifts. You’ll also save money usually spent over-buying paper and supplies you already have in your home.

Option 1: Under Bed Storage
The festive chevron holiday wrap organizer holds up to 24 rolls and has pockets to store other accessories. The divider can also be removed to accommodate longer rolls. When not in use, it easily slides under the bed if you’re short on space.

Option 2: DIY Storage
If you’re feeling a little creative, why not DIY a storage option! Hang basic S hooks for scissors, gift bags and other accessories on a clothing hamper and you have an affordable solution that can be easily wheeled into a closet to be stored.

Option 3: Hanging Storage
If you have extra hanging space in a closet, the gift wrap work station sandwich board folds up to hang when not in use. It holds up to 12 rolls of wrap and has pockets for all the accessories you need. Plus hooks hold the wrapping paper so you can unroll it easily onto any surface.  

Option 4: Cart Storage
The elfa gift wrap cart is a favorite if you have a bit more space. Drawers store gift wrapping supplies while ribbon and gift wrap are stored on the sides of the cart. The top flat surface provides the perfect work space to wrap gifts.

All these solutions and more can be found at The Container Store.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Live Segment! Holiday Card Organizing Tips on Fox 19

Sending holiday cards to family and friends can take quite a bit of time and effort at this already busy season, not to mention the clutter they create around the house. We were back on Fox 19 last week with tips to organize your holiday cards.

Video: Holiday Card Organizing

Get your holiday cards sent out as efficiently as possible.

Tip One: Organize all your supplies.
Holiday cards and accompanying supplies can quickly get out of control. Grab a small basket to corral all those odds and ends like cards, envelopes, stamps, address labels, pens and Sharpie markers. Include washi tape and scissors to dress up the envelopes. Keep a copy of your holiday card list here along with a ruler in case you are hand-addressing envelopes. 

Tip Two: Embrace technology. 
Every minute counts during the holiday season, so use technology to maximize your time. Online card services like Minted or Paperless Post allow you to upload your address list so your envelopes can be pre-printed. This leaves extra time for you to write a thoughtful note on your cards. 

Avoid the Post Office like the plague! You can order stamps online and have them delivered for $1.

Creatively organize the cards you receive.

Tip Three: Display the cards all season in one of three ways. 
Don’t let incoming cards clutter your counter space.  

Clothespin Photo / Memo Holder
Spiral Wreath Card Holder
Decorative Basket

Tip Four: Toss! But take a photo first.  
A good organizer is always going to suggest that you recycle the cards. One creative idea is to take a photo of the card first and save it with your friend’s contact information in your phone. Then when they call, their photo pops up.

Tip Five: Organize cards you can’t bear to toss.
Our sentimental side sometimes wins out. The container you use should make it easy for you to read and enjoy the cards in the future. The Bigso card organizer has tabs that you can use to separate the cards by year. Remember to label the tabs.